Forms of Parental Discrimination – August 2017

There are many forms of discrimination, this document will be focusing on the families (parents and children)
who had or due to there personal situation or circumstances, they have been discrimated in some shape or form.

Here are some definitons of what discrimination is:

Child benefit:

This is paid to the mother unless she formally waives this right. There is no
mechanism to apportion the benefit in the case of separated parents when both take
turns to look after the child(ren).

Parental responsibility (PR):

Married parents both acquire parental responsibility on birth and registration of a
child. An unmarried mother also does, but an unmarried father only with the
agreement of the mother.

Paternity testing:

It is a criminal offence for a father to take a sample of a child’s DNA without the
mother’s prior consent. In contrast, it is not a crime for a woman to lie about who is
the father of her child.

Tax credits:

Child tax credit is paid for each child but only to the primary carer. Since the primary
carer in a family is usually deemed to be the mother, only about ten percent of such
credits is received by fathers.

Working tax credits are payable to both primary and secondary carers. However, to
qualify for working tax credit, a primary carer must be aged over 16 and need to work
a minimum of 16 hours a week, whilst the secondary carer must be aged over 25
and work a minimum of 30 hours a week.

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