Homicides In England & Wales – March 2015

During the year ending March 2015, a total of 518(1) homicides were recorded in England and Wales, 331 males and 186 females. Persons under age 16 accounted for 54 of the total, 32 males and 22(i) females. Infants under 1 year old accounted for 25 of these homicides, giving the highest rate of 36 per million population of all age groups.

Of the 54 persons killed under age 16, the main suspect was family or friend in 35 cases (21 male and 14 female) and someone not acquainted in 18 cases (11 male and 7 female). For the 299 adult males killed, the main suspects were stranger or not acquainted (149), friend or acquaintance (107), family member (34), and partner/ex-partner (19). In the
case of the 165 adult female victims, the main suspects were partner/ex-partner (81), stranger or not acquainted (53), family member (18) and friend or acquaintance (13).

A sharp instrument was the mostly used much as hitting/kicking, strangulation, and a blunt instrument. Residential accommodation was a likely location for both sexes, although males were also much more likely than females to be killed in public places, such as the street. Of the total of 295(1) persons indicted for homicide in the period (266 males and 27 females), 223(1) were convicted (208 males and 14 females).

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