National A-Level Results – August 2014 England and Wales

Girls continue to out-perform boys at A-level. Girls are taking more exam papers than boys and more girls are getting better grades than boys. In all subjects, 74 thousand more
exam papers (19.5%) were taken by girls than boys and some 55 thousand more (28.6%) top grades of A*+A+B were awarded to girls than boys.

Here is a breakdown of the results of A-Level Results in 2014:

Total subject papers:

All Subjects 2014:

Boys: 379,823453,

Girls: 984

Difference % difference
(more girls than boys) [2013] 74,161, 19.5 [18.4]

Traditional and key subjects 2014:

(Maths, further Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Geography, Psychology, Sociology)

Total subject papers:

Boys: 233,930

Girls: 279,084

Difference %:
(more girls than boys) 45,154 19.3

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