Mankind 2018 – Numbers of persons reporting Domestic Abuse to police forces in England and Wales 2012 to 2017

Latest Figures shown, from 41 police forces across England and Wales showed that 158,974 men reported to them as being victims of domestic abuse in 2017 – one in four of all victims (24.8%) where the gender of the victim was recorded. A further 9,842 men reported the same in Scotland.

Of the 43 Police authorities in England and Wales which were sent the Freedom of Information request by the charity, 37 provided figures for 2012 and last year. On that like for like basis, the figures rose from 72,157 in 2012 to 149,248 in 2017 – more than double in five years.

“These figures are both shocking yet welcome. They show the level of domestic abuse against men and the growing confidence they have in coming forward. Friends, family and work colleagues are also playing a key part in supporting them and many police forces are actively encouraging men to report.”

The charity is clear that it welcomes improvements in female reporting rates and that there needs to be more funding and support for female victims, as well as more funding and support for male victims too.

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