News Briefings – February 2023

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News Items:

Boys’ Underachievement
Male inequality, explained by an expert Richard Reeves
Of Boys And Men
Additional Videos of Interest on Boys Education
Misogyny To Be Outlawed?
Ched Evans Revisited
MBC News Letter
MBC Conference In Manchester – “No Man Is An Island”
Winners Of National Men And Boys Awards 2022
Mark Brooks OBE Secures Win For Discussion Of Men’s Health In The Workplace
MBC Writes To Home Secretary For A Strategy
For Preventing Intimate Violence Against Men And Boys
Men & Boys Coalition Statement On Written
Parliamentary Answer Re: Use of The Term
‘VAWG’ To Apply To Men And Boys
Liverpool School Abuse: We Are The Forgotten Boys, Survivors Say
Parliamentary Debate On International Men’s Day 2022
Is it Time for Prostate Cancer Screening?
Report On The Fringe Meeting ‘The Case For A Minister For Men’ At The Tory Conference?
Poem: Woman, By Alfred J Krieg, 1887 -1965
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New Documentary: Survivors Manchester, The Teenage Years:

Survivors Manchester has produced a moving short film to mark the 13th anniversary of becoming a charity,
documenting the often complex and compelling history of a charity supporting men and boys who have
experienced sexual violence and abuse.

You can watch the film via the link – Survivors Manchester: The Teenage Years Dcoumentary Film


Oshwal Association Of The UK: Health and Wellbeing Webnairs – Oshwal Association Of The UK Site

Mens Health: How To Take Care Of Yourself: Oshwal Association – Webniar Link

How To Improve Your Sleep – Oshwal Association – Webniar Link

Jordan Peterson – 8 Lessons Men Learn Too Late In Life:

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian professor of psychology, clinical psychologist, YouTube personality, and author.

Jordan Peterson began to receive widespread attention in the late 2010s for his views on cultural and political
issues, often described as conservative. Jordan Peterson’s life advices will leave you speechless when taken
seriously. We hope this motivation from Jordan Peterson will help you in your life. For more Jordan Peterson,
check out his best-seller book “12 Rules for Life” here:

Jordan Peterson – Bestseller Book That Helped Millions

Jordan Peterson – Youtube Video

BEST ADVICE For Young Men From Jordan Peterson:

Jordan Peterson Best Advice Youtube Video

View Full Article Here.

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