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The ‘Rape Crisis’ That Never Was
Dr Eric L. Nelson’s, Ph.D, 3-Minute Podcasts
The Centre For Social Justice
Feminism Against Progress
Curbing Violence Against Women
Aberystwyth Uni Told Student Was Suicidal Before His Death
Student Suicides: Petition Calls For Universities To Do More
Families Need Fathers – Both Parents Matter
(FNF – BPM) March Newsletter
Families Need Fathers – May Newsletter
MWWT Response to Government crackdown


The article by Fiona Lamdin & Tess de la Mare relates to the suicide of 20 years old Natasha Abrahart, from Nottingham,
who was studying at Bristol University in April 2018. The effort of her brother Duncan, who wants universities to have
a statutory duty of care to students campaigned with #ForThe100 movement to petition ‘Students over 18 need care’
calling for universities to be made legally accountable for how students are treated. The campaign attracted more than
128,000 signatures and is to be debated in Parliament by MPs on Monday 5th June 2023.

#For The 100 movement is a group of bereaved families of 100 students who take their own lives each year and attempt to get greater support for vulnerable young people.

Greater support for vulnerable young people. The petition said: “A duty of care already exists for staff, and for students
under the age of 18 in higher education. “There should be parity in duty of care for all members of the higher education

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This is a report from OFSTED on CAFCASS. They were looking at demand for services from CAFCASS and how it is currently discharging its statutory functions for children in the context of significant demand. It is generally very positive and points to how well they are doing. It equally does point out minor problems and areas that need to be looked at and ideas to be developed.

View Ofsted Report

In their synopsis however, FNF were critical of this. They said they asked everybody concerned apart from services uses,
which is why they came up with such a glowing report. They provided the link below which indicates real dissatisfaction from the people and families who actually use it and are affected by its decisions:

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Lord Chancellor Dominic Raab* has said he wants to encourage private family law cases to be settled by mediation and not in court. One such proposal would be the introduction of “cost shifting or fees”. Equally, there had to be a “check” to keep people away from court if they had already tried mediation, to prevent them pursuing a better deal there. In their synopsis, FNF felt it had not been made clear what he meant by this term “cost shifting or fees”.

Since the FNF publication, “Lord Chancellor Dominic Raab” is no longer in this role. The new Lord Chancellor is now Alex Chalk KC.

Article On Former Lord Chancellor Dominic Raab MP

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