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Message From Phillipp Tanzer – GenderParity UK
A Manifesto for Men and Boys
Labour’s Strategy is Right up our Streeting!
Health & Social Committee Meeting Tuesday 23rd January 2024
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Minister for Men Article from January 2024 – an Update
Daily Mail Article 16 March 2024
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The Domestic Abuse Commissioner has created a platform for victims/ survivors of domestic abuse called VOICES. It is crucial that AS MANY male victims participate in this platform to make it as hard as possible for the DA Commissioner to ignore us. About VOICES (from their website)

Set up by the Domestic Abuse Commissioner (DAC), VOICES at the DAC is a virtual platform for victims and survivors of domestic abuse to stay connected to relevant policy, research and practice development.

VOICES at the DAC aims to give victims and survivors opportunities to share their experience so they can influence change.

VOICES at the DAC will circulate a newsletter with opportunities to share your voice with domestic abuse organisations, universities, and local and national government. It will also include updates on the Commissioner’s work and relevant news from across domestic abuse policy, practice and research. Please share this via email and on all social media to reach as many male victims as possible.

I would strongly recommend that those who were/are victims of PARENTAL ALIENATION and FALSE ALLEGATIONS (in a domestic setting) join VOICES too.

Link to the website here.

I would also like to urge you to sign the petition for a Minister for Men and Boys and to encourage others to sign it too.

Link for the petiton here:


Blog Link Here:


In a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph, Wes Streeting, the shadow health secretary, expressed his frustration at the lack of attention given to male health issues. He emphasized that prioritizing men’s health does not mean neglecting women’s health; rather, it’s about understanding that both are interconnected. Streeting highlighted disparities in healthcare, such as the long wait times for women’s diagnoses and the overlooking of common male health issues like mental health crises and preventable cancers.

Streeting and the Labour Party are looking at successful men’s health strategies implemented in other countries like Australia and Ireland. They’re also considering recommendations from organizations like the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee and the Forum, which has long advocated for a men’s health strategy. By addressing both men’s and women’s health comprehensively, Streeting believes it could not only improve public health but also reduce political polarization by adopting a ‘gender-informed’ approach to healthcare.

The Daily Telegraph article here:

Labour is considering a men’s health strategy in response to concerns over a “crisis in masculinity.” This follows recognition of issues like high rates of suicide among men aged 45 to 64 and preventable deaths from prostate and testicular cancer. Inspired by a visit to Australia and discussions with the Movember movement, Labour’s shadow minister pledges to address mental health and improve cancer diagnosis. Initiatives like Men’s Sheds, which promote social activities, are being explored.

The government acknowledges men’s reluctance to seek healthcare and plans to tailor services accordingly. Calls for a men’s health strategy have been ongoing, with advocacy from organizations like the Men’s Health Forum.


In shocking nanny cam photos she fought to hide, wife’s vile 20-year abuse campaign against husband A husband’s harrowing ordeal of abuse by his wife, Sheree Spencer, has been revealed through footage from a nanny cam. Spencer, 45, was sentenced to four years in prison for her extreme control and coercion over her husband, Richard. Lasting two decades, the abuse included beatings, verbal assaults, and humiliating acts. The footage, part of a documentary, aims to raise awareness of male victims of domestic violence.

Despite legal challenges, the documentary is set to be released. Spencer, a former HM Prison and Probation Service employee, subjected her husband to physical and emotional trauma. Despite being physically stronger, Mr. Spencer did not retaliate, enduring immense pain and mental scars. Since Spencer’s imprisonment, he has joined a campaign supporting male victims of domestic abuse and found happiness with a new partner.

Mr Spencer has joined a campaign called ManKind Initiative, which supports male victims of domestic abuse. He has also found love again and told media he is happily settled with his new partner.

My Wife, My Abuser: The Secret Footage was aired on Channel 5 on Monday 18 March at 10pm.

View Full Article Here.

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