Thank you for your interest in becoming a trustee of the charity PARITY.


If you have not already done so then please read the ‘History of PARITY’ written by one of the founders David Yarwood which is available on our ‘Who We Are’ webpage.


Trustees become involved for a variety of reasons and there are no bars to applying to become a trustee.


The current trustees meet approximately every ten weeks but no less than four meetings per year.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for new trustees to bring governance of the highest quality to  shape our next chapter. We’re especially (though not exclusively) interested in attracting people with the following skills: Special Education Needs and Disability; Health, Law, Family Law, Common Law and the British Constitution; Strategic Planning; Business Development, Marketing. You may have experience of PQASSO too.


What’s involved?

The trustees meet in London, normally for about three hours, with an additional annual general meeting for members to select trustees and officers and agree accounts. Some trustees use telecomms for remote attendance at meetings. We also invite a speaker to give a talk after the AGM also held in London. We are also reviewing and considering the direction and strategy so as to develop a three year business plan.

Trustees are expected to actively contribute between meetings and be prepared at meetings having read all circulated material. This forms part of the ‘Trustee Code of Conduct’ which is below.

There are currently twelve standing committees with several trustees on each which is reviewed annually.