We continue to build upon our successes through influencing policy and, when necessary, by taking cases to the courts.

We have eleven objectives which focus our efforts for maximum effect as well as ensuring our limited resources are used efficiently.

All laws to be gender neutral unless relating to pregnancy and childbirth.

Equal application of laws to men and women with only individual considerations, not gender or other grouping, in all stages of prosecution and sentencing.

Equal provisions for men and women in all statutory and public policies and benefits.

Equal treatment of victims of domestic violence, both male and female, and their children.

Substantially equal public funding for medical research into and treatment of male and female specific diseases.

Equal status for separated parents and more rigorous enforcement of child contact and of maintenance orders.

Effective Government policies to address academic underachievement of boys and encourage a more even balance between men and women in teaching, especially in primary schools.

Funding for research into the reasons for and means of reducing the persistent difference in life expectancy between men and women.

Equal anonymity for defendants and complainants in sex offence cases unless a particular case, with specific court agreement, may demonstrably benefit from releasing the name of the defendant.

Equal liability of men and women over 60 in respect of National Insurance contributions (NICs).

Mitigation, and no further aggravation, of the present inequality as between men and women in state pension provision due to the continuing unequal state pension ages (lasting until year 2018).