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For some years, Dewar Research has been producing studies of social policy, particularly with regard to Domestic Violence. This website is a new channel to make more widely available some of that study material.

Dewar Research seeks to provide information generally on the issue of Domestic Violence, in particular on the victimisation of men in domestic relationships and the nature and prevalence of abuse by female partners.

This Information Resource is provided for:- academics and students seeking to research the subject, journalists who write on the issue, and any other interested individuals who wish to learn more about this often hidden social problem.

To obtain a free copy of those publications available on this website, simply click on the link in the DOWNLOADS section. Please wait a few minutes for the document to download if you are using a dial-up modem. The documents are in Adobe PDF format. To view them, you may first need to obtain a free copy of the Abobe Acrobat Reader.

Some early publications are available only in hard copy form, as indicated.

Dewar Research encourages interested organisations and individuals to contact the author with details of any errors or omissions.

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Hard Copy Only:

George, Malcolm J. (1998). Beyond All Help? Comments upon “Commonly Held Unhelpful Beliefs” in BMA June 1998 publication Domestic Violence: A health care issue? Dewar Research, November 1998. (Hard copy £5)

Yarwood, David J. (1998). A Critique of June 1998 BMA publication Domestic Violence: A health care issue? Dewar Research, October 1998. (Hard copy £2)

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